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Unique Concepts in Tube-Cartridge  and Custom Filling Applications

We design, build and support a range of specialized filling equipment to facilitate the packaging of various fluid materials. We can help you fill 1 and 2 part cartridges or other containers with minimum effort and maximum productivity for your business.
Our products are proudly Made in the USA.

Bottle Filler      Auto-Indexing or 1-Shot

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Nordson EFD U-Tah Coaxial Cartridge Filler Available


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Sulzer MIXPAC filling machine


Our standard nose-filling station is designed with flexibility in mind. The JS-2 can be easily fitted to fill most any cartridge on the market.

cartridge filling machine
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We stand behind our products with personal and reliable support from setup to maintenance and repair, you are never alone when using our equipment.

Our JS-2 G3i combines our flagship filling station with an integrated piston inserter to further streamline the filling process.

Easy nose-filling of cartridges manufactured by Sulzer Mixpac, Nordson EFD and more.

JS-2 G3i Complete Filling System

Unique Filling Demand?

The name says it all. Every job presents its own challenges. We have decades of experience working with many partners across multiple industries to create solutions that work. 

If one of our existing designs does not fit the bill, we will build custom equipment to fit your needs. We specialize in 2-component tube-cartridge filling for adhesives and epoxies and we can work with most materials, including ISOs, MMAs and silicones.

We also build support equipment to help complete the task of preparing your product for shipping. In addition, we build and sell fluid-related parts and accessories such as pumps, hoses, valves and more to keep your setup maintained.

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