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JS-2 G3i   Complete Cartridge Filling System

Our newest design, ideal for nose-filling most any 2-component cartridge available. Integrating the piston insertion process and filling in one unit, the JS-2 G3i allows safe, one-person operation. Fill cartridges with your product as fast as it can be fed via your choice of delivery method.

Material flow is controlled by Filling Solutions Linear Snuff-Back Valves. These valves allow maximum flow and positive shut-off at high pressure. They also provide a variable snuff-back value to ensure a clean fill with no cross-contamination. With stainless steel  components, these valves are available in 3 sizes depending on material characteristics.
Primary pneumatic control system requires only 80psi shop air supply. Pneumatics are reliable and cost-effective.
Setup procedures such as purging air and basic timing adjustments are easy with the simple control panel.
Safety is a top priority. 2-hand palm button start ensures the operator's hands stay clear during operation.
Part placement switches prevent injury and accidental starts if cartridge or pistons are not properly placed.
The JS-2 G3i is designed to fill any open-nose 2k cartridge on the market in any ratio. Included with each machine is a full set of tooling for your desired cartridges and necessary hand tools for changing tooling. Additional tooling is always available from Filling Solutions.
Our dispense nozzles are made in-house using additive manufacturing and able to be cleaned with solvent and reused in many cases. They are also more economical than stainless steel in circumstances where replacement is necessary. Replacement parts are readily available.
  • Fills 2-component open-nose cartridges 
  • Fill 25ml to 750ml in any ratio with one machine
  • Integrated piston inserter
  • Operates on 80psi shop air and 110-120VAC
  • Great for materials up to 150,000cps viscosity
  • Unique nozzle designs 
  • Cartridge changeover tooling and toolkit included
  • Table moves easily on 100mm casters and has stainless steel work surface
  • Easy setup control panel
  • 2-hand palm button start and E-stop
  • Fill as quickly as you can pump (appx. 4-7 units per minute)
  • Fill cartridges from Sulzer Mixpac(including ecopaCC collapsible), Nordson EFD and more.
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